Class of 1972

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The World in 1972

"Golden Sands of Time . . . " Another graduating class of JHS


What was happening when these classmates graduated:

What happened in 1972 Major News Stories include Munich Olympics Terrorist Attack, Mark Spitz 7 gold medals, Digital Watches are introduced, Governor George Wallace is shot, First scientific hand-held calculator, Atari release PONG, Antiwar demonstrations draw 100,000, Cod War, Bloody Sunday and Bloody Friday Northern Ireland, Watergate Scandal


JHS Teachers during 1972 school year:

JHS Administration:

PRINCIPAL:   Donald Ellis


COUNSELORS: Don Kalina, Eleanor Patterson



Language, Library, Social Studies:

  • Momoyo Katsura
  • Bunny Gevens
  • Richard Munson
  • Betty Heemstra
  • Carol Rainoff
  • Barbara Edwards
  • Sue Lenz
  • Bob Polgar
  • Betty Jean Treat
  • Larry Jackson
  • Wayne Olson
  • Phillip Dattola
  • Richard Smith
  • Joe Prasil
  • Stewart Price
  • Leon Brashier
  • Milton Sosnick
  • Bud Brewer


Math & Science:  

  • Howard Dirksen
  • Alidia Brown
  • Henry Matsumoto
  • John Treu
  • Jim Snell
  • David Olinzock


The Arts: Music, Commercial Home: 

  • Arthur Hamaoka
  • Chuck Mathews
  • Donald Spencer
  • Ed Asmir
  • Robert Peterson
  • Denise La Montagne


Physical Education:

  • Dee Foley
  • Robert Foster


1972 Class Officers


  • President: Gary Lewis
  • Vice President:  Kent Lovelace
  • Secretary: Denise Lynch
  • Treasurer: Cindy Peterson

Varsity Basketball

Varsity Football


Captains: Jack Stromlund, Russell Bell, Terry Miller, Gary Lewis

        Coach:  Corbin                 






JHS Cheerleaders


Clockwise:  Wendy Brackett, Karen Geyer, Theresa Bonner, Wanda Exner, Mary Duke, Terry Morales, Mary Richardson - center



JHS Activities

Homecoming Court

l to r:  Ilean Miller, Theresa Bonner, Denise Lynch, Cheryl Breen, Cindy Peterson, Stomi Smith, Robena Colburne, Carol Frerichs