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Milt Sosnick**

Milt Sosnick**

Milton Sosnick
1941 - 1992

Mr. Sosnick transferred to Clark AFB to teach at Wagner High School in the Philippines, when Johnson closed in 1973. He died on February 21, 1992 in Germany, teaching at the Army post at Bad Kreuznach American High School.

Memories of Mr. Sosnick by the kids he taught and who loved him:

(The following) discussion of my father is very meaningful to my family. We appreciate all the thoughts and memories that his students are sharing. Russell's letter (see below) in particular, moved me and I thought it merited a special response. Some of the other notes from his students remembered my father's undeniable spirit of fun, irreverence and cynicism; but, I thought Russell's letter best demonstrated the motivation underlying such fun, irreverence and even the cynicism.
-- Aaron Sosnick '84 (Mr. Sosnick's son)

I too am very saddened to learn of Mr. Sosnick's passing. Too few of us have had a teacher who took the time and interest to help us along the way. I count myself fortunate that I ended up in a class taught by one of the most passionate teachers I ever came across. The interest Mr. Sosnick showed in me came during a very formative period of my life.

In addition to being an excellent teacher, Mr. Sosnick also served as one of the PVOT (the on the job training program in existence during the '80s) Coordinators. During my Junior year in 1985, I decided that I wanted PVOT position where I could train beside fighter pilots at the F-4 Simulator on base (at this point in time my goal in life was to be an Air Force fighter pilot). Of course this was the one position that wasn't available through the program. Regardless, Mr. Sosnick and Mr. O'Connor somehow managed to open doors and set me up to spend time in the F-4 simulators every day after school. As you might imagine I counted myself a bit luckier than my counterparts working the legal, accounting, or medical offices on base (undoubtedly many others had as rewarding experience in their chosen fields). I continued in this job for the next year and a half until graduation.

Mr. Sosnick was also instrumental in my decision to attend M.I.T. after graduation. Not only did he help convince me that I was possessed of sufficient intellect to merit applying, but he also wrote one heck of a recommendation that helped me get in.

Durng my time at Wagner I thanked Mr. Sosnik on several occasions for his help. However, I had always hoped to someday look him up and thank him for helping me to achieve some of my larger successes in life. I regret that I shall not have that chance and will have to settle for publicly acknowledging the positive influence Mr. Sosnick played in my life. He is greatly missed.
-- Russell D. Ollie, Wagner Class of 1986

I loved Mr. Sosnick. I'm sorry to hear that he had passed away. I remembered in 1985/86 I had him for a class. That was the year of the shuttle Challenger disaster and he had taped it for the class. He never hid his feelings-that's what I respected most about him. He always gave me a hard time regarding softball and volleyball because his daughter Tamara and I were teammates, and of course Tamara was the best you know!
-- Jennifer Keenan, Wagner Class of 1986

It's been years since I heard of Mr. Sosnick's death, and still it tugs at my heart. As a teacher, now I know what a gift he possessed, seeing in each of us the ability to go far, reach higher, fly farther. There are days I wish he could be at my side as I struggle to motivate someone who is bright, talented and wasting the opportunities the world has laid at their door. Then, there are days when I'm taken with a need to wear a bright red t-shirt with a pair of olive drab pants, claiming "... I'm an olive and beg passersby to toss me in a man-size martini (knowing full well I'd never drown, if it was "dry" enough!)" We were a lucky bunch at Wagner. And I think most of us knew it.
-- Kim Eubanks Jantzen, class of 1982

Milton Sosnick taught with the heart and to the heart. One afternoon nearly two decades ago, he got me to see my thumb as I'd never seen it before. The thumb, to me, had been the lowliest of the fingers: stubby and awkward for lack of a third phalanx. In that hour my thumb was revealed to be a marvel of evolution that, by opposing the other four fingers, allowed us to make tools, homes, and civilizations. To Mr. Sosnick, this was no mere piece of academic trivia. He wanted us to feel this and a million other insights right in the gut, where they would combine into a whole truth that made sense and actually mattered. With that passion he got under our skin, helping us shed that "ignoramus" persona that made us teenagers comfortable, but, well... ignorant.

Through my friendship with Aaron '84, I was privileged also to know Milton Sosnick in his home. There, relentlessly but with a touch of love and humor, he continued to challenge us. Rarely content with blandness, he made us take positions and find ourselves. We will miss him... but I believe he knows what a positive influence he had on so many lives.
-- Tom Ngo, Wagner Class of 1982

I was a student of Bad Kreusnach High School during 1964-1965, and am writing in appreciation of my English teacher, Milton N. Sosnick. I know he later taught in the Philippines, at Wagner High. He woke me up, and did it by turning the lights out, drawing the curtains, lighting a candle and reading "The Raven." I took early retirement as an English teacher from the state of Florida, and in his tradition have been traveling the world and teaching English: Kiev for three years, Riga for one, and I'm finishing my second year teaching English at a university in China. I remain in awe of Mr Sosnick's influence - he is a great soul, often remembered and much missed. I welcome correspondence from any who remember him as I do.
-- Robert Gard, Wagner Class of 1986


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