Class of 1973

The World in 1973

"Golden Sands of Time . . . " Another graduating class of JHS


What was happening when these classmates graduated:

The year we graduated and our school closed ... 

This was the final graduating class of Johnson High School.  After 13 years of graduating over 4,000 students, the school was closed.

The world was having a significant impact on not only our graduating students, but also on people's lives around the world, with the UK inflation rate running at 8.4% and the US running at 6.16% . This causes problems in every aspect from the price of gas, food and bills, which in turn causes higher wages and the spiral continues, much of this is caused by the Arab members of the (OPEC) restricting the flow of oil to countries supporting Israel as part of the Yom Kippur War. This year is also the start of a recession in Europe causing increased unemployment and a 3-day week in the UK. Meanwhile in the US two important cases dominate the news with Roe v. Wade making abortion a US constitutional right on the 22nd January and the start of the Watergate hearings in the US Senate; due to price increase of gas, the Japanese car manufacturers with smaller more efficient engines have an impact of the US car industry. 



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  • Clarence Tanaka, Vice President
  • Maxine Cavin, Secretary

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