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JHS Reunion 2023 - Las Vegas

WHO'S COMING ??  Click here to see who has signed up to attend the reunion in Vegas.

Our Reunion 2023 will be held at the Tuscany Casino Suites and Resort in LasVegas.  At the Tuscany Suites your comfort and enjoyment is their only objective. Their off-Strip property offers the perfect combination of a relaxed Las Vegas vibe in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

While their prime hotel location right off the Las Vegas Strip is one of their biggest advantages, it’s certainly not their only perk. Whether we are here conducting a reunion, in need of a soothing massage after the Dinner/Dance or want to enjoy the thrilling Tuscany Casino and excellent onsite dining and lounges, Tuscany is here to make the most out of our stay by offering all of the services and amenities we’d expect at a fun JHS Reunion venue.

Call the Tuscany and book your reunion stay from Monday, October 9 through Thursday, October 13.  Mary Hiatt Richardson, Reunion 2023 Host has negotiated some great rates for us.  $89 per night is a fabulous price!!  These rates are not going to last, so book early to get a great hotel for a very inexpensive rate.  

Register directly with the Tuscany Suites Resort.  They are located at 255 E. Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89169 Tel: (877) 887-2261 Fax: (702) 947-6053 .  Ask for JHS All Class Reunion 2023 to obtain the discounted rate. Remember it is not necessary to stay in the hotel to attend any reunion events, but it is recommended.

As of 3-20-23, we have the following rooms blocked: 50 rooms for Monday Oct. 9th, 70 rooms  for Tuesday Oct 10th, 70 rooms for Wednesday Oct 11th, and 20  rooms for Thursday Oct. 12th. All rooms are $89.00 per night/+tax.

Be sure to register early to ensure you get a room at the blocked rate. We were only allowed to block so many rooms. If it turns out we need more rooms we will attempt to adjust the numbers.

WE are looking forward to this reunion.  I'm sure you are too!!


Feeling Different -- Military Brat Identity

Many military brats report difficulty in identifying where they belong (due to a lifestyle of constantly moving, and also immersion in military culture, and in many cases, also foreign cultures, as opposed to the civilian culture of their native countries, while growing up) and frequently feel like outsiders in relation to the civilian culture of their native countries. The home countries of a number of Military Brat subcultures have highly mobile (modern Nomadic) lifestyles, or at least significant overseas (or distant-internal) assignments for career military families and their children and adolescents while growing up, including Canada, Britain, France, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. These military-dependent subcultures are generations old.

However, some ex-military dependents have found that their mobile upbringing has actually been massively influential in determining their eventual career in adulthood. One example of this is British actress/comedienne Dawn French who discussed her childhood as an RAF dependent in an interview with Radio 4. She stated that she felt that the need to make new friends every few years was one of the reasons she discovered her talent for comedy. She also discusses this aspect of her life in her autobiography

American military brats have also been identified as a distinct, 200-year old American subculture.

Can You Identify This Place??

USAF Johnson Air Base FAC 3051

Johnson Air Base
Links to Other DoD Schools in Japan


Military Brat Links


We're the Same Kids From Johnson High

We are Johnson  High Alumni. Our high school friends are everywhere; no where else do we call our high school home, unless it's Johnson. If we haven't seen our high school friends at the last reunion, we are sure to see them at the next. We grew up riding the red or blue line bus to the Tachi or Yokohama. Whether we lived in West Area, the quancets, Johnson Air Station, Washington Heights, North Area or off-base Fussa, Japan was home.

Some of us had the bus rides to Johnson from Yokota as our high school way of life. We found happiness at a high school that provided our education and the opportunity to make long lasting friends in a place very far away from our previous home in the States. We wonder at the feeling we have when we meet these friends and teachers at a Johnson High School reunion, after so many years. The feelings we had growing up in a land with so many cultural differences. Trying to explain a place like Johnson to kids that grew up in the States -- it's impossible. Yes, we had homecomings, Yes we had proms. But did these kids get to go to the Ginza in downtown Tokyo or climb Mt. Fuji. What about our roots? Yep, strong and deep as you would find anywhere. We were nurtured by a Japanese culture, willing to provide us with life long experiences that you can't get from a two week vacation in a far away land.   

Like most of our fellow students, we learned the language enough to communicate and travel to the far reaches of our Service Club tours. Our moms' made us promise not to ride in the 60 Yen cabs, because they were too dangerous. We carried a matchbook with directions to the USO in downtown Tokyo, which allowed us to get from the train station to a familiar landmark by cab. We went to movies with Japanese sub-titles, we saw sumo wrestling and attended the Kabuki Theater. We bought lunch by pointing to plastic food in the window and had a thrill riding the Japanese trains at Rush Hour. These were just a few of the adventures we had as teens in Tokyo.

Being a rolling stone that gathers no moss is true, but we do gain a certain polish, us kids from Johnson. Our travels have taught us to be open;. that not all people think and believe as we do. There is no wrong, just different. We have touched many and allowed their cultures to touch us. As Johnson High Alumni, we have learned to see the many things that make us all the same, which has also taught us to celebrate the difference in others.

Just as there is happiness at the start of our JHS Reunions, so is there sorrow in parting as it nears its end. There is no way to prevent these eventual Good-byes; our tansportation awaits; the Farewells are ineventable and never easy. Yet, even in this state comes the strength to face tomorrow, knowing that another is just a few short years away.

As a JHS Military Brat, we go out with an extending hand and heart, with friendships formed in hours and kept alive through decades, reunion after reunion. We will never know the feeling as a youngster living in one place, but we will have been nurtured by the many bases we called home. As we "Pay it forward" the help that we offer today will be returned.

In the poem by Robert Frost: "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by." Our paths may have been separate, as in the poem when we left Johnson High, but we have come out on the otherside of that wood and finally meet again, to find deep inside, we are the same "kids from Johnson."

Hope to see you at the next reunion. 



If you have memoribilia from high school and you would like to clean out your storeage bins, closets, cabinets or other places you have chosen to hide away thoses keepsakes from Johnson High, I have just the solutions.  Send it to the American Overseas Schools Historical Society. (AOSHS)  They already have a place set up for all things Johnson High School.

If you want to send your keepsakes, box them up and enclose an inventory list of what you are sending with information about the contents, such as names, dates, and a story, if appropriate about the items you are sending.


704 West Douglas Avenue
Wichita KS 67203

email:  Office@AOSHS.ORG  PH:  316.265.6837aoshs.or