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Martha Neasloney (Dinovitz) - Class Of 1962

Martha Neasloney (Dinovitz)

Martha "Brandy" Neasloney Dinovitz



Brandy Dinovitz 74, of Oxnard, Homemaker, died 3/14/2019. .

Martha “Brandy” Neasloney Denovitz ’62 died on March 14, 2019 surrounded by her family.  She attended school in Japan from eighth grade through part of her sophomore year at Johnson High School when her dad was transferred back to the states.  Martha shared the story about how she started being called Brandy. 

Aaaah, the name...well, it started out as a joke with a friend of mine who was into numerology. I had gone to visit her in Las Vegas and arrived late at night. She met me at the door, said our hellos and as she padded back down the hall, said to me, “Your name is ruining your life. We have to change it.”

The next morning, we started playing with names and the rest is history. I saw some people I knew from LA that evening and told them I was changing my name to Brandy (kiddingly)...they said it suits you and started calling me Brandy right then. It was just a fun thing to do that became permanent.


The Johnson High alumni will miss Brandy very much.