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John Shannon** - Class Of 1962

John Shannon**


John Shannon
1944 - 1969


John, JHS Football player #63 was killed in a homocide or a robbery; his death is still a mystery. His sister, Merrilee Shannon was told that he had committed suicide, but this was incorrect. The Boston Police had mistakenly ruled John's death a suicide. With a closer look, this is not what the circumstances portray.

Merrilee: "I am certain that I told many people that John had committed suicide, because that is what the police told us. My brother John Joseph Shannon was murdered in 1969 in Boston at the YMCA. The police told my family that John had committed suicide. My family believes that the police told us that so they would not have to investigate his death and because our family was station in Illinois at Scott AFB far from Boston."

John had returned from living in Europe, flew into N.Y. and straight on to Boston, where he was given a room that had suddenly become available. The Shannon family believes that John had been murdered mistakenly or robbed and then the scene was made to look like a suicide. John had been stabbed in the chest. The family has never heard of anyone who has stabbed themselves in the chest and laid themselves out.

Marrilee Shannon Class of 65 just thought some of his classmates might want to hear about him.

The Johnson High alumni is so sorry to hear about John and will miss him very much.