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Charles Krohe** - Class Of 1963

Charles Krohe**

Charles O. Krohe
1945 - 1994

Charlie graduated at Johnson in 1963. His friend Steve Abele had visited him after they both returned to the States. Steve has sent us some information on the passing of Charlie.

Steve Abele - Even though he was a senior when I was a sophomore, Charlie and I hung around together. We were on the track team together in 1963. I remember going to see the world premier of Barabas with him in downtown Tokyo in the Fall of 1962. A memorable occasion. We were standing in line to get our tickets and one of the Japanese students standing behind us picked his pocket, tapped him on the shoulder, and returned his wallet to him. We watched our pockets after that.

When I was stationed in Memphis, Tennessee in the Fall of 1966 I was going to (military aviation) School; I flew up to Indianapolis where he picked me up and we drove up to Peru, Indiana where I spent a nice weekend with his parents. Later, in the Spring of 1967 I drove up one more time with another Marine buddy for a weekend visit.

When I got out of the service in 1970, I went up to see him and his first wife in San Francisco. He was working at a record store and trying to hook up with a band as a bass guitar player. I guess that was the start of his very large record collection. That was the last time I saw him.

Regretfully, I lost contact with him and it was not until just before our last reunion in Las Vegas that I tried to reach relatives in Indiana. Since I figured there were not to many Krohe's out there, I got lucky and located his mother in a nearby community. She gave me the sad news that he had committed suicide, September 21, 1994 at the age of 49.

I will always cherish the fun times we had had running around, shopping, and seeing what artistic endeavor he was up to. I was impressed that he completed a Masters Degree in Art from the University of Chicago . It would have been nice to have seen some of his later artistic accomplishments. I miss Charlie. -- Steve Abele, class of 1965

If you could provide more details, please contact Kay Weaver.

The Johnson High alumni will miss Charlie very much.