In Memory

Glenda Combs** (Guthridge) - Class Of 1965

Glenda Combs** (Guthridge)

Comments from Glenna's friend Linda Duffy Swan:

Glenda was my best friend as a senior at JHS. We had many wonderful times together and had such big plans for after graduation (Disneyland played a big part in these plans) but, unfortunately as is often the case with brats, we ended up widely separated, me in Hawaii, Glenda in Missouri. Glenda had juvenile diabetes and was in the hospital several times for it during our senior year. We wrote for a number of years but then life just kind of got in the way. I believe I recall hearing diabetes was the cause of her death at the young age of 35. I also recall that she had a son but I can find no evidence of that in public records so I'm not sure. She was a wonderful, sweet person and I still think about her to this day.