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Stewart Price

Stewart Price

Stewart F. Price
1933 - 2012


Beloved YHS teacher Mr. Stewart Price passes away

Stewart Price, English & Humanities Teacher & Art Museum co-founder & board member, passed away on Nov. 1, 2012.

Raised in the Chicago area, he developed an interest in art & teaching. He applied & was accepted for a position with the DoD Overseas School system. He taught English, Social Studies & Humanities in Okinawa, Japan & abroad for over 40 years. His love for art culminated in his co-founding of the Global Village Museum in Colorado.

Stewart is survived by his brother Garrett & preceded in death by his parents. He was a kind, thoughtful & stylish fellow, loved by many.

Mr. Price was a teacher at Johnson and Yokota High Schools for several years.  Once, he took a group of us Humanities students on a field trip to an art museum exhibiting the sculptures of Rodin. It is good to know that he was able to make two things he loved, art & teaching, an integral part of his life up until the end.

The Johnson High alumni will miss Stewart very much.