In Memory

Frances Weeks**

Frances Weeks**

Dora Frances Weeks

1925 - 1988


We are missing the obituary for Ms. Weeks, born January 15, 1925.

Ms. Weeks graduated from Delta State College, New Orleans Theo. Sem., University of Southern Mississippi, earning BS, M.R.E, M.A.

As Wade Walker, class of 1962 put it: "The advantage to attending such a small school as Johnson was, we knew everyone and where they were from. The teachers were well educated and the atmosphere and education was more like a small college campus. All of the teachers gave us special attention and we all learned as much as we could. My favorite teacher was Ms. Weeks who was my Algebra teacher and yearbook sponsor. She taught me math, teamwork, personal growth, and religion. She made all her students feel like they were her Teacher's Pet."

Ms. Weeks left JHS in 1971 and moved to Clark AFB to Wagner High School where she was the Guidance Couselor until she retired in 1979, returning to the States. 


I'm sorry, but I don't have any information for Ms. Weeks. If you could provide some details, please contact Kay Weaver.

A copy of the obituary would be very helpful, since it would contain information, such as:

  • Date of Death
  • their Hometown
  • Names, addresses & emails to send condolences

The Johnson High alumni will miss Ms. Weeks very much.